New Year, New Goals!

Tired of hearing about New Years resolutions that you know people aren't going to keep? So are we. This article from Forbes talks about how wellness goals can also apply to business and entrepreneurship, and we agree! A business, just like your body, needs the right kind of TLC to stay well.

Here are our goals at Green Bean for 2013, for both wellness and business:

  1. Be Honest - Let's be honest (get it?), being genuine and honest keeps your conscience clear and your business true. We know we will feel better from the inside out if we just lay everything out on the table. We're talking honest people, meetings, ingredients, and more for 2013!
  2. Stay Active - regular exercise keeps you clear-minded, grounded, and so much healthier. A business needs that too! This year we vow to shake things up and create a dynamic, active product that we can all feel proud of.
  3. Be Kind - Good for the soul, good for work. It's no fun to do business with mean people! Nice people definitely get a lot more done.

So. What are your goals for 2013?