Top 3 Places to Meditate

Meditation is an increasingly popular practice that can positively impact your life. It has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and increase concentration, among other effects. Even if you are committed to trying it, it can be difficult to find a peaceful place to do it. Check out the following tips for where to begin your mindfulness exercise.

1. At Work

It may seem backwards, but meditating at work can actually help counteract the stress that is so commonly brought on there. All you need is a quiet spot with some privacy and 10-15 minutes. Many offices allow you to book call and conference rooms, so you could even set a recurring “meeting” for yourself to go meditate. Making this “appointment” at the beginning of your workday would not only give you a peaceful and productive start, but it would also have very little chance of interfering with the schedule of anyone else in the office who may need a room booked. Try it, and you may be surprised at how much you like meditating at work.

2. Surrounded by Nature

Unlike the first suggestion, this would be more of a one-off meditation experience rather than a regular spot. There are a million and one places to go outside to find a moment of peace — it can be as simple as your backyard or as breathtaking as a mountain top. One experience that everyone should have is meditating during or right before a sunrise. Luckily the United States is geographically diverse, so there are plenty of amazing spots to watch a sunrise even just along the East Coast.

3. At Home

This location wouldn’t surprise you, but it’s a classic for a reason. You know your home and (hopefully) see it as a comfortable place to unwind away from work. Plus, you can wear whatever you’d like! One trick to make your routine more immersive is to darken your room with blackout shades.

However and wherever you meditate, the most important part is making it work for you. After all, point of the experience is to make it as effective for you as possible. So take the above tips and figure out where your mindfulness happy-place is. You’ll be delighted when you do.