Sarah Haselkorn, CEO

Sarah cultivated a passion for entrepreneurship at an early age: from lemonade, to cookies, to bamboo, she sold everything she could out of her back driveway growing up in Washington, DC.

During her junior year of her Systems Engineering degree at Washington University, Sarah opened Green Bean to meet the need for healthy options in St. Louis.  

Sarah is a tech junkie, a serial entrepreneur, and an avid triathlete.  Though salads have obviously become a passion, Sarah can't go long without having some good, spicy hot wings.



Tim Fetter, VP of Business Development & Strategy

Tim, a St. Louis native, suffers from conflicted personality disorder, doubling as a quantitative nerd and a creative entrepreneur. 

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in Math & Finance, he co-founded an umbrella retail business and also hit the road as a strategy consultant.  Unable to part from either of his passions, Tim is concentrating on both Finance & Entrepreneurship as an MBA candidate at Washington University.

Tim loves playing sports, exercising, and hanging out with friends and family...and dreaming about owning a pet monkey.


Adam Gremp, CFO

Adam, also a St. Louis Native, is a recent graduate from Washington University with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, a Master of Accounting, and an MBA.  

Adam is only masquerading as Green Bean's Chief Financial Officer; he's actually our Chief Fix-It Officer. From ice machines to doors to light bulbs to refrigerators, Adam can fix it all. Want to know something about space travel? Ask Adam. Want to know who invented ice cream? Ask. Adam. 

Adam is also a killer water polo player. We've heard he looks smashing in a speedo, especially while posing on his motorcycle!